Unwilling Fucking 

Of course, if we abide abide with laws and the various unwritten rules of fair play in civilized societies, we can agree that forcing someone to have sex against their will goes against the prevailing moral codes. This website is about stepping into a free zone where you can fantasize, however, where there should not be moral issues.

I start by putting myself into images as a character so I can interact with an uncertain man. The payoff is when he shoots his load inside of me after I forced him to a commitment he did not reach on his own.

Unwilling 1

Unwilling 2

A second example is this from the Wild West era. We know from history that Native American Indians took revenge against the many men who threatened their lands and way of life. This cowboy suffers a rough fucking by an Indian before he loses certain cowboy body parts that will be kept as cherished souvenirs.

Cowboy fucked by Indian