Desouza Vault

This is one gigantic website where you can discover and explore men in peril themes within the bara genre of underground artistic fantasies. The works of Madeira Desouza, 3D artist in “Sin City” Las Vegas, Nevada are showcased here. Desouza is an international gay male artist working since 2008 to depict compelling fictional male characters in fantasy situations using 3D digital tools such as DAZ Studio.  
 Visit 3D Males dot com to see the full Desouza Vault collection on Gumroad featuring illustrated stories, image box sets, and hot quick pix.
You also can use TAGS to browse the keywords which describe Madeira Desouza’s works, or, browse the Desouza blog. Also check out the full collection of LINKS to Desouza content online.
Muscle Guy in Blue Jeans
Typical male character created by Madeira Desouza
Kick My Balls for $20
Typical storytelling theme from Madeira Desouza
The kind of male character you can expect from Madeira Desouza

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