The Desouza Vault

Welcome to The Desouza Vault—one website where you can discover and explore the most noteworthy and representative nude male art by Madeira Desouza, 3D artist in “Sin City” Las Vegas, Nevada. He is a gay male artist working since 2008 to depict compelling fictional male characters using 3D digital tools such as DAZ Studio.

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Warning: This website contains content tailored for adults of legal age only—male frontal nudity, sexual themes, and extreme fictional situations underage visitors should not see.


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Bara Underground Art Genre

The United States version of the bara genre of underground art in which he works is a unique storytelling and artistic style which originated in Japan during the 1960s. Bara works are created by gay men intended for a gay adult male audience. Images from this genre depict masculine (not feminized) males typically emphasizing muscles, physical health and strength, and macho men—real-world traits which detractors choose to inaccurately label “toxic masculinity.”

This genre depicts gay male, same-sex feelings and sexual identity of masculine, muscular men who sometimes behave in aggressive, violent, or exploitative ways towards one another instead of reinforcing typical plain vanilla depictions of romantic gay love or lovey-dovey hearts and flowers. It is also true that bara presents wild, adventurous, and unflinching perspectives that mirror real life behaviors of male aggression, power trips, violent tendencies, and exploitation.