Studio 9999 Las Vegas Explained

Studio 9999 Las Vegas is a digital art studio. Created and maintained by Las Vegas artist and storyteller Madeira Desouza, this special place online holds many secrets.

The first of which involves questions about from where do the males inside Studio 9999 Las Vegas come?

Just where did this guy inside Studio 9999 Las Vegas come from?
He was created in a top-secret laboratory in Nevada. He is not a human male who was created in this life by a father and a mother together. He literally was constructed from source organic matter combined with advanced technology.

The technology and the processes for creating synthetic men at Studio 9999 Las Vegas have extraterrestrial origins. This is explained in “Penis Envy Ranch” by Madeira Desouza — available for download here.

Studio 9999 Las Vegas invites paying customers. Not everyone who wants entry is given access. To be granted access, you need to contact the artist and storyteller directly and explain what kind of men you are interested in being with inside this facility.

How are the facilities inside this location are put to use? Here is a rarely seen view of the facilities layout created prior to construction and opening of the studio:

Studio 9999 Las Vegas

The guys inside this place are programmed to serve every possible need a man could have. You are invited to come in. Just relax. Enjoy the ride!

A compelling secret is where Studio 9999 Las Vegas is located. Email Madeira Desouza and he will respond personally providing complete details for you.


Subscribers to the Desouza Vault Membership gain access to a bonus pdf explaining the origin story of Studio 9999 Las Vegas.


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