Conquest of Afghanistan

By Madeira Desouza

If you pay attention to the news, you will learn about how Afghanistan in August 2020 was conquered. The victory was achieved by men that we in the West call the Taliban. They refer to themselves as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

I was commissioned to create a fictional illustrated story based on what has happened in Afghanistan. The guy who asked me to do this illustrated storytelling explained why: If anyone can put a meaning to men in peril it is Madeira Desouza. So it was that he commissioned me to create my unique 3D digital art specifically to show what can happen on the ground in Afghanistan when the Taliban seeks revenge against their opponents (such as the Afghan military forces) who showed no will to fight to save their own tribes and the entire country. The men in peril in Afghanistan are the opponents of the Taliban and they can and should expect brutal treatment and no mercy from the Taliban.

So here we go. This is a fictional illustrated story about a young man in Kabul named Aryo…

Aryo had served faithfully in the Afghan military and was proud to have been trained by U.S. Army personnel. He stole their towels to show his appreciation. He was captured by the Taliban in August 2021 after the Afghan military abandoned him by giving up the fight for which they had been trained by the U.S. Army. Aryo was all alone. He knew he was finished.

The Taliban fighters took great delight in stripping him naked and binding his arms behind his back onto a palm tree in Kabul. Aryo was smart enough to know what to expect next. The sadistic Taliban got naked with him and tormented him verbally in an attempt to break his spirit before what they did next to the doomed young man.

If nothing else is true, it is true Aryo has two holes that get filled with Taliban juices.

He quickly loses count of how many of these victorious desert warriors viciously violate him. He knows that everything these unimpeded men do to him and to many other former Afghan military men trained by the Americans all comes from basic male human nature. What Aryo and his fellow Afghans face cannot be credited to beliefs in Abrahamic dieties or centuries-old traditions espoused by religious authority figures who build empires.

Aryo cannot create thoughts and prayers for his own survival and safety. He already knows that all thoughts and prayers are useless in the contemporary world.

After all that extensive physical and emotional suffering brought upon him personally by the Taliban, Aryo found himself restrained outdoors on a blisteringly hot afternoon in Kabul with his wrists tied behind his back. He realized that he was being held in the limited shade of a couple of palm trees by an odd metal device who purpose was to squeeze his cock and balls in an undefended forward position while also limiting his leg movements. Of course, Aryo had heard the rumors about this device, but no man wants to believe that such a thing as this is actually possible in the civilized world.

However, the ornate sword steadfastly held directly over Aryo’s imprisoned manhood forced him to divert all his attention to the naked Taliban swordsman standing there with an unashamedly full erection. Aryo dared not speak a word. No words were necessary here. The swordsman also said nothing as he stared at Aryo with a lustful gaze that only a predator knows.

The erect Taliban man inevitably snapped the sword blade downward quickly. The intensely sharp metal descended swiftly through the top of Aryo’s defenseless cock and then severed his swollen balls. In that split second of time, the Taliban man simultaneously let lose a fierce scream and several ounces of cum. Aryo lost consciousness.

Customary as it is in that part of the world, we can all expect to see desecrating an enemy’s body after he was emasculated then and beheaded.

Then comes the celebration of the death of the enemy involving proudly parading his severed head around under the hot afternoon sun when everyone can observe and wildly shout out curses.

Images of the enemy’s mouthful shall not soon be forgotten by anyone who is watching from around the world.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We may think this is only fiction, only some twisted fantasy? Yet it really is easy to find images online (go to which at some point all begin to blur together in an odd familiarity for us.

And eventually there come those highly passionate arguments—which always stay the same or similar across the decades—debating what the purposes might have been for all those combat veterans who suffered and died.

Then, it seems evident through recent world history that those who once were our enemies become prosperous and so we then start to accept them as our business partners and forget about the past.

Such an unexpected recovery took place in Germany, the true birthplace of the Second World War under the authoritarian dictatorship of Adolph Hitler and his Nazi cohorts. The government of the United States of America led by Republican president Dwight Eisenhower provided essential economic recovery leadership in both Europe and Japan after World War II. The unavoidable truth is Germany transformed itself from the culture of hated, homicidal dictator into the third largest economy on Earth. Another truth is Japan morphed into the second largest world economy in spite of the violent militaristic behaviors of its defeated emperor brought on the sudden deaths of more than 200,000 Japanese civilians from nuclear bombs dropped by the United States military on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

There is one more historical example to think about: After the 1975 defeat of the U.S. military ended the Vietnam War, that country unified and reinvented itself from barbarian eras dominated by savage war lords, tyranny and oppression. A quarter century later, Vietnam became a vibrant economic presence in Southeast Asia all the while being operated by the Communist Party.

Given what happened economically and culturally in the postwar recoveries of three countries (Germany, Japan and Vietnam) should we think of a possible future 10 or 15 or 20 years from now in which Afghanistan, regardless of the complete dominance of Islamic law, attains a viable economic and cultural presence for the whole world to see?

What to Expect Next in Afghanistan?

One distinct possibility for Taliban men is that some of them can reasonably anticipate being captured and executed by their rivals, ISIS in Afghanistan.

ISIS shooter -- Taliban target

Expect to see images revealing fear on the faces of Taliban men as they inevitably reach a clear understanding that their lives have little value to the world community after defeating the United States military in Afghanistan.

The Taliban won this war against the United States by throwing away the fragile stability of Afghanistan. No nation on earth can be expected to jump in militarily to rescue Afghanistan from itself. Taliban men can take no comfort in knowing that images of their torment and deaths shall be used for international propaganda purposes specifically by ISIS seeking to claim dominance once again as the foremost threat to daily life in the region.