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The artist has been censored for many years. Today he fights back against censorship by giving away material at no cost to disrupt the old-fashioned business models for distributing online material for adults.


If you are of legal age, you can download for free all these Madeira Desouza pdf collections containing text he authored that goes with his explicit, uncensored original digital images within a variety of themes:

ballbusting thumbnailDesouza Collection — Ballbusting/Scaffies theme 20 pdfsRare collection of 20 pdfs covering ballbusting and related themes posted on the former Scaffies site in the Netherlands by Madeira Desouza

box set images thumbnailDesouza Collection — Box Set theme 8 pdfsBox Set Images Volume One March 2021; Box Set Volume 3 — Playing Around; Hot Quick Pix 01; Hot Quick Pix 02; Kaipo Pacific Islander Box Set Volume 2; Men in Peril Now 1; Model Release – Hot Quick Pix 3; Two Men Together

cowboys thumbnailDesouza Collection — Cowboy theme 9 pdfs Boys in My Barn Final Edition; Cowboy Box; Cowboy Cruelty Captioned; Cowboys Crossing; Cowboys Dead or Alive; Cowboys in My Barn; Revenge Lust in the Wild, Wild West; Wild West Cowboys

fables, folklore, mythology thumbnailDesouza Collection — Fables, Folklore, Mythology theme 4 pdfsAncient Djinn, Creatures with Wings; Beast 020821-1838-B; Devil or Angel; Hercules 2022

hanging thumbnailDesouza Collection — Hanging theme 10 pdfs + bonus2012 Hang Him eBook (images not pdf); Dancing Dangling Down; Defining Moments in Men’s Hangings; Hang Him 1 (2018); Hang Him 2 (2019); Hang Him 3 (2020); Hang Him 4 (2020); Hang Him 5 (2021); Hang Him 6 (2017); Rope; Tree of Death

male death fetish thumbnailDesouza Collection — Male Death Fetish theme 8 pdfsAn American Terrorist in Baghdad; Dead in the Water 2022; Hawaiian Guy Gets Back; Savage Eyes Updated 071220-B; The Death Game season one 2017; The Death Game season two 2019; The Death Game season three 2021; Turn Me On, Dead Man

masculinity thumbnailDesouza Collection — Masculinity theme 10 pdfsA Very Big Man 2021 Update; Alpha Males; Cock & Ball Torture (CBT); Evil That Men Do; Karma and the Rookie Cop; Making of CGI 3D Males; Masculine Passions; Not with the Eyes; Sexy Men in Bed; Soldiers Playing Soldiers Revised 2021

men of color thumbnailDesouza Collection — Men of Color theme 7 pdfsAdventures with Men of Color 2021 Remix; Against His Will (Big Black Cowboy from Canada); Black and White Side by Side; Does Balance Matter; Rent Me for Your Fantasy Tonight; Supremacy; Tie Me Up and Fuck Me

torture thumbnailDesouza Collection — Torture theme 8 pdfsBalls Revenge of the Taliban; Combat Culture; Cross; Dangerous Devices; Heads; Skulls and Balls; Steel Trilogy; Thief of Eggs

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For more information, call / text Madeira Desouza at 702-805-5492 or send email to him at

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